2009-2010 Electronic Newsletter for First Grade

The first grade students have been working on a variety of projects this year. I would like to share our work with you.

As the year progresses, I work on many different projects with the first grade students. You may click here or click on the word First on the left side of the screen to see my plan for the year.

My programs of choice in the first grade are Kid Pix, Word, and Kidspiration. These allow me to show the students how to use many different tools while we practice concepts being learned in the classroom. In KidPix, we continued learning more ways to use the options in the program to create our projects. In Word, we have practiced typing one space between words, pressing return to get to the next line, and using the delete (backspace) key to erase mistakes. Kidspiration helps the students organize their thoughts in symbols before writing sentences in the program.

Once the students complete the project for the week, they may use their choice of several educational games. They enjoy A to Zap!, Thinkin' Things 2, JumpStart Kindergarten Advanced, Reading Blaster Ages 5-7, and Math Blaster Ages 5-7.

We discussed beginning computer ethics as we discussed when we need permission to use other's objects. We used individual ActiVotes to capture everyone's responses.

Click to see 1A's ActiVote Answers in a Quicktime Movie

Click to see 1B's ActiVote Answers in a Quicktime Movie

We reviewed what we learned in the previous week before using Kidspiration to think more about the computer ethics lesson. Click the cc icon on the slide deck to see the speaker notes.

As we work on the Internet in April and May, I will teach the students to find the links through a website called delicious. If your children would like to use the websites at home, they should be able to click on the All Tags link on the right side of the screen and navigate to the 1st-grade links. They may need your help finding a website. I have included notes for each website to help you help them.

Saint Michael Delicious account

There is a link saved to send your name to Mars on a computer chip. We did not do this in class. You may use the link with your child if it is of interest to you. My whole family is sending our names to Mars on the 2011 mission.