Dear Students and Teachers:

We are a second grade class at Saint Michael's. Our school starts in preschool and goes to 8th grade. Children are between 3 and 14 years old. There are 12 children in computer class today. There are six boys and six girls. We are between 7 and 8 years old. We study Spanish, computers, library, gym, art, science, music, math, spelling, phonics, social studies, reading, penmanship, English, and religion. We want to know what subjects you study.

We like our school. It is nice. We have many teachers and children and friends. We have a lot of computers in our computer room. We have a lot of books in our library. We do fun things in gym like soccer and dodge ball.

We have a big cafeteria with many chairs. We have an auditorium. We have a playground outside that we use at recess. We have it almost two years now.

There are some after school events the older students can join like basketball and cheer leading.

We can stay after school at after care where we get to go in the youth room and play games. There's a before care too. We have very good teachers.

Please tell us more about your class.

Mrs. Oro and the Wednesday Grade Two Computer Class