Dear Students and Teachers:

We are the Thursday computer class in grade 2. There are 11 children in the computer room right now. All together there are 23 students in our class. Today there are four boys and seven girls. We are all between seven and eight years old.

Our school is a Catholic school. Our school teaches us about God. We also learn how to read, math, spelling, science, social studies, phonics, gym, art, music, computers, library, Spanish, religion, and we go to lunch and recess.

In science we learned about animals that do have bones and animals that do not have bones. In social studies we learn about people who have created things and how to take care of the Earth and save water. We learn about natural resources and recycling. We learn about the parts of plants and how they grow from seeds.

Do you have a playground? How do you enjoy your school? What do you learn about? Do you go to a Catholic school? How many students are in your class? How old are you?


Mrs. Oro and the Thursday Second Grade Computer Class