Dear students and teachers,

We are Year 7, form 7PR, ages 11-12. We start Secondary School at aged 11. When we are aged 16, we do exams called GCSEs. After these exams students can choose to leave school to do other things, or stay on for another two years in the 6th Form College. At Olchfa the ages of the students range from 11-18. The year group gets split up into forms. In these forms there are about 20-30 students on average. Most of our lessons are with our forms, but for some of our lessons, we get mixed up with other forms in Year 7. In year 7, we are split into 2 big groups called 'bands', the X band and Y band.

Our school is called Olchfa. We are situated on Gower Road, Sketty, sa2 7ab Swansea, South Wales, United Kigndom. Our school website is

We have a one way system in our school to stop accidents because we have over 2,000 pupils here. We have a sixth form for our older students. Our school motto here is "Dysg Dawn Daioni" and our school slogan is "developing individual potential". We start school at 8:30 am and finish at 3:00 pm.

There are many facilities in our school like school shops, libraries, swimming pools, rugby and football pitches , sports halls , a burger bar and a normal canteen , gym , changing rooms , chess club , model club where we make remote control planes and cars with our science teacher, boxersise, toilets, vending machine, demoutables , BSU which is a behaviour support unit, lost property and something called chat where year 10 students help kids with their problems .

We have lots of subjects in Olchfa school these are some of them: English, P.E (gym), science, IT (computers), Art, Music, Maths R.E (religion), French, Welsh, Smart, Assembly, design and technology/food, History, Geography. We have some subjects that we don't do in year 7 such as Drama Spanish, German, PSE, Italian, Tennis, fitness, Athletics, GYM, Badminton. These are all our subjects

At Olchfa we have several different clubs and activities such as D & T, hockey, netball, boxercise, football, rugby, badminton, swimming, chess club, Christian union, drama, boxing, creative writing, car model/electronics club, keyboard, music, latin and last but not least Friday chill out club. As you can see we have many different clubs and after school activities.

We enjoyed reading about all the subjects and other stuff you do but we are unsure about what some of your subjects are. Such as:

What are phonics, penmanship and social studies?

What age do you start Spanish?

What time does your school start and end? 8:20 – 2:45

How long are your lessons & How many do you have a day? One lesson to five lessons, maybe 10,

What do you mean by after and before care?

Do you wear any special uniform?

Do you have nap time?
And finally:

Can you explain the grade system?

Many thanks,

Mr Stacey and 7PR
Olchfa SMART class - 7PR