Third Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

General Computer Awareness

  • Use appropriate terminology when referring to parts of the computer
  • Learn to move and resize windows and change the view of a window
  • Learn to change the name of a file
  • Understand the difference between Save and Save As...
  • Learn to use the icon to access the school file server

Painting Software Skills

  • Use Pixie to draw a picture and write a descriptive paragraph
  • Learn to use the lasso to select an image in the paint program
  • Learn to copy and paste part of a drawing

Idea Mapping Software Skills

  • Use Kidspiration to produce outlines for paragraphs

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Produce word processed paragraphs
  • Reinforce proper spacing
  • Reinforce awareness of word wrap and learn to press return at the end of a paragraph
  • Use copy, cut, and paste
  • Become aware of the spell check feature

Spreadsheet Software Skills

  • Learn to recognize the parts of a spreadsheet
  • Understand the purpose of spreadsheets
  • Move to a specific cell and type words and numbers

Presentation Software Skills

  • Produce slide show using presentation software
  • Learn to type notes for an image on the screen
  • Learn to use a loud clear voice to read notes to class

Keyboard Awareness

  • Become familiar with the proper position of the fingers on the home row keys (a, s, d, f, j, k, l, ;)
  • Practice using formal keyboard skills for the home row keys and be introduced to using formal keyboard skills for the alphabet
  • Keyboard practice using the Dance Mat Typing web site.

Common Sense Media Curriculum

  • Learn appropriate use of passwords and online games such as Club Penguin – Review of Powerful Passwords and Private and Personal Information
  • Learn to use good manners online and offline – The Power of Words, Rings of Responsibility, and Whose Is It, Anyway
  • Learn to use keywords – The Key to Keywords


Critical Thinking

  • Learn to use augmented reality through ColAR app on school iPads

Media Literacy Skills

  • Learn to add music loops to create an audio file in GarageBand

Programming Skills

  • Tynker via
  • Scratch

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Math Facts in a Flash program to practice speed and accuracy in solving addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems
  • Participate in Accelerated Math program to focus on skills learned in math class.
  • Participate in Accelerated Reading program to focus on reading comprehension.

Internet Awareness

  • Use Edmodo to turn in classwork and communicate with teacher
  • Read a web page for information and accurately record results
  • Use a search engine to find information about a topic
  • Practice finding the appropriate website of the many listed in a search result
  • Learn to use hyperlinks and the back button