Sixth Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Create a variety of documents based on classroom curriculum
  • Learn to insert and customize headers and footers
  • Learn to enter and modify page numbers
  • Learn the difference between sans serif and serif fonts and use those fonts effectively

Spreadsheet Software Skills

  • Reinforce spreadsheet concepts
  • Format blocks of cells
  • Use formula symbols for various mathematical calculations: =, +, -, *,
    * Learn to sum numbers using =SUM
  • Learn to change values and use information from recalculated formulas
  • Learn to sort data in a spreadsheet

Presentation Software Skills

  • Create Dinner with Famous People presentation
  • Review slide creation including words and pictures
  • Review proportionally resizing images
  • Use slide transitions appropriately
  • Review the use of speaker notes to prepare to stand in front of a group to present information

Drawing Software Skills

  • Use The Gimp's painting tools to draw an avatar
  • Use The Gimp to open a photo
  • Use The Gimp to resize digital photos

Keyboard Skills

  • Practice keyboard skills using a word processor
  • Learn to use touch-typing through the Typing Web site


  • Projects vary from year to year and include work on the interactive whiteboard related to sixth grade curriculum, collaboration within the school, and collaboration outside the school as project are available. Examples:

Critical Thinking

  • Analyze website links to choose the best information for a project
  • Analyze presentation content to select the best image to represent the images used
  • Analyze steps required to complete a computer program
  • Analyze social studies Egyptian curricular knowledge to make a pyramid in Minecraft

Media Literacy/MultiMedia Software Skills

Programming Skills

  • Blockly via
  • Learn to use Scratch to create a program to dress up a house or face
  • Paint stages and sprites
  • Move sprites by programming the arrow keys
  • Create a button to perform an action with a broadcast command
  • Perform an action based on the receive command
  • Play a sound with the sprite clicked command

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Accelerated Reading program to practice reading comprehension skills
  • Participate in the Accelerated Math program to practice math problem solving skills

Common Sense Media Curriculum

  • Learn to search effectively online – Strategic Searching
  • Learn to keep private identity information safe online – Schemes and Scams
  • Learn the difference between being a bystander and upstander in cyberbullying situations – Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding
  • Discuss the 24/7 nature of digital media – Digital Life 101