Second Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

General Computer Awareness

  • Learn about active and inactive menu items
  • Learn to save a file using the mouse
  • Learn basic keyboard shortcuts
  • Learn to use the icon to access the school file server

Painting Software Skills

  • Create Pixie drawings to reinforce classroom curriculum
  • Use the menu to make changes to program features
  • Create a display of pictures using Pixie's slide show
  • Draw a picture and type a descriptive sentence

Concept Mapping Software Skills

  • Use Kidspiration to produce outlines for paragraphs

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Practice typing one space between words in a sentence
  • Reinforce typing the period after the last word in a sentence with the space following the period
  • Learn to press return only at the end of a paragraph
  • Use toolbar icons to open, save, and print documents
  • Learn to highlight text and change the fonts, text size, and style (bold, italic)

Skill/ Drill Software Skills

Keyboard Awareness

  • Practice using the shift key to make capital letters and symbols in sentences
  • Learn the names of some of the symbols on the keyboard (@ # % & * ;) and practice typing those symbols
  • Keyboard practice using the Dance Mat Typing web site.

Common Sense Media Curriculum

  • Learn to respect other people's work online – My Online Community
  • Learn about the commercial intentions of web sites – Things For Sale
  • Learn about creating secure passwords – Powerful Passwords
  • Learn how communication online and in person have similarities and differences – Show Respect Online


  • Projects vary from year to year and include work on the interactive whiteboard related to second grade curriculum, collaboration within the school, and collaboration outside the school as project are available.

Critical Thinking

Media Literacy Skills

  • Record a song as a class into a GarageBand audio file
  • Prepare images to display with recording in teacher created iMovie about pollution

Programming Skills

  • Tynker as a teacher-led whole group activity with individual students moving blocks of code.

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Math Facts in a Flash program to practice speed and accuracy in solving addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems
  • Participate in Accelerated Math program to focus on skills learned in math class.
  • Participate in Accelerated Reading program to focus on reading comprehension.

Internet Awareness