Concepts and Projects

General Computer Awareness

  • Understand what a computer is and how to use it for the work of a Kindergarten student
  • Identify the parts of the computer: mouse, keyboard, monitor, desktop, icon, headphones
  • Use the mouse to point, click, drag, and double click
  • Identify and select icons from folders, programs, and disks
  • Learn about menu bars
  • Open and close windows
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior at the computer
  • Treat equipment with respect

Painting Software Skills

  • Learn to start and use Pixie and access the tools
  • Use the pencil, eraser, paintbrush, spray can, paint bucket, stamps, line tools, shape tools, and text tool
  • Change the color or pattern of the painting tools
  • Projects include holiday and seasonal drawings, counting, 100th day, the artist Mondrian, shapes, moving things, living things, and other topics related to the Kindergarten curriculum

Idea Mapping Software Skills

  • Use Kidspiration
  • Learn to select images to complement theme
  • Sorting by color, making a neighborhood map, matching beginning letter sounds to images

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Learn to start and use a word processor
  • Learn to type lowercase letters, delete mistakes, and move using the arrow keys
  • Type short vowel words such as cat, rat, and bat
  • Learn to press the space bar one time between words
  • Type a short sentence with one space between words and an ending period immediately following the last word

Skill/ Drill Software Skills

Keyboard Awareness

  • Locate the letters of the alphabet associated with the student's first name
  • Learn to use the shift key to type an initial capital letter for the student's first name
  • Learn to use the delete key to erase mistakes
  • Learn to use the space bar to delineate words
  • Learn to use the period to end a sentence

Common Sense Media Curriculum

  • Learn to be safe online – Going Places Safely
  • Learn computer manners - ask before using a computer – Going Places Safely
  • Learn to have ownership of work – My Creative Work
  • Learn how people communicate online – Sending Email


Critical Thinking

  • Learn to utilize and evaluate iPad apps to share with teachers and fellow students

Programming Skills

  • Daisy the Dinosaur app via school iPads