CDW-G/ Discovery School Prize Package

Saint Michael School was chosen as a grand prize winner in the CDW-G: Win a Wireless Lab promotion. We are looking forward to the new possibilities in all our classes in the school. We will be receiving:

20 HP Tablet PCs
3 Linksys Wireless Access Points
1 Bretford Mobile Cart
1 Promethean Activboard
20 Promethean Activote Responders
1 Espon Projector
1 Avermedia Document Camera
2 Sony Digital Cameras
2 Sony Camcorders
1 HP Laser Printer

Computer Hardware

Our school uses Apple computers. The equipment in the school ranges from Apple G3 iMacs to Intel-based iMac machines. The Early Childhood grades are a combination of Apples and Windows-based computers. The Primary and Middle School grades have only iMacs.

The iMacs are able to connect to the school's Apple G4 file server and the Internet. Students are able to begin work at any iMac in the building, save their work on the school file server, and continue at any other iMac in the building.

We also have six iBook G4 laptops for use during computer class and around the building.


Our school has a variety of printers. The first and second floors of the building have shared laser jet printers. The first floor has an HP 2500N Color LaserJet printer in the computer room. The second floor classrooms share three black and white laser printers: HP 1300N, HP 2100TN, and HP 2200N. The library has a Brother black and white laser printer.

Digital Cameras

We have three digital cameras. The Hewlett Packard 715XI, the Canon s40, and the
Olympus Camedia C-3030 Zoom. The 715XI is able to take digital still photos. The s40 and C-3030 both take still and short 30 to 120 second movies.

Connectivity Equipment

Our school has a variety of equipment connecting the computers to each other, the file server, and the Internet. We have an iMac G4 Server running IP4 software. We have five AirPort Base Stations providing wireless service to the iMacs in grades four through eight. Grades one through three, the library, and computer lab are wired directly to our server. Our Internet service is provided through Verizon's FIOS service.