Fourth Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

General Computer Awareness

  • Learn to choose and delete files, create folders, move files to a folder, and delete folders
  • Utilize Save and Save As... as appropriate
  • Use the icon to access the school file server

Painting Software Skills

  • Use Pixie to draw a picture for a computer related project

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Create simple one page documents based on classroom curriculum with proper spacing, clipart, and proper spelling
  • Learn to change the layout of a document
  • Learn to create indents, and hanging indents
  • Learn to insert, position, and remove tabs
  • Use page breaks

Spreadsheet Software Skills

  • Learn to recognize the parts of a spreadsheet
  • Understand the purpose of spreadsheets
  • Move to a specific cell and type words and numbers
  • Clear the contents of a cell
  • Select a block of cells and sort information

Presentation Software Skills

  • Use desktop presentation software to produce slide shows
  • Learn to type speaker notes for an image on the screen
  • Learn to create, modify, and move drawn objects
  • Learn to move images from the Internet to a slide and cite the source
  • Learn to use a loud clear voice to read speaker notes to class
  • Learn the value of using images that communicate the spirit of the speaker notes

Keyboard Awareness

  • Begin to master the alphabet using formal keyboarding skills

Common Sense Media and Digital Passport Curriculum

  • Learn to be why it is important to avoid multitasking – Twalkers (DP)
  • Learn how to be an upstander and not a bystander to Cyberbullying – E-volve (DP)
  • Learn what type of information is sharable online and that nothing is really private and erasable – Share Jumper (DP)
  • Practice finding effective keywords when searching – Search Shark (DP)
  • Give credit to the work of others – How to Cite a Site (for online information)
  • Have secure passwords to protect information online – Strong Passwords


  • Projects vary from year to year and include work on the interactive whiteboard related to fourth grade curriculum, collaboration within the school, and collaboration outside the school as project are available.

Critical Thinking

  • Learn to use augmented reality through ColAR app on school iPads

Media Literacy Skills

  • Learn to write a script and record the script in GarageBand
  • Learn to self-critique the quality of recording and trim unwanted sound
  • Learn to add music loops to enhance audio file

Programming Skills

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Accelerated Reading program to practice reading comprehension skills
  • Participate in the Math Facts in a Flash program to practice speed and accuracy in solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems
  • Participate in the Accelerated Math program to practice math problem solving skills

Internet Awareness

  • Use Edmodo to turn in classwork and communicate with teacher
  • Locate images online using Pics4Learning and properly cite images