First Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

General Computer Awareness

  • Learn about memory sticks (flash drives) what they are used for and how it works
  • Learn about hard disks - what it is used for, where it is located, and what it looks like inside (used open hard drive)
  • Open a file using the mouse
  • Use the menu bar and access menu items
  • Learn to use the icon to access the school file server

Painting Software Skills

  • Create Pixie drawings to reinforce classroom curriculum
  • Learn to read the menu to access additional program features
  • Rotate and resize stamps proportionally
  • Draw a picture and type a sentence
  • Projects include holiday and seasonal drawings, God and Me in Everything, reading color words
  • Insert and delete words in a sentence
  • Learn to type one space between words in a sentence
  • Use toolbar icons to open, save, and print documents

Idea Mapping Software Skills

  • Learn to start, use, and close Kidspiration
  • Learn to select images to complement theme
  • Types sentences to complement images for theme
  • Same/different, sorting by color, matching beginning letter sounds to images, ask/don't ask computer ethics lesson

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Learn to start and use a word processor
  • Learn to type uppercase letters for the beginning of sentences and proper nouns, delete mistakes, and move the insertion point using the arrow keys and mouse
  • Type short sentences
  • Learn to press the space bar one time between words and one time after the period
  • Learn to type multiple sentences to form a paragraph that wraps
  • Learn to press return to begin a new paragraph of text

Skill/ Drill Software Skills

Keyboard Awareness

  • Locate alphabetic letters on the keyboard
  • Use the shift key to type initial capitals, when required, on computer projects
  • Learn the names of some of the symbols on the keyboard (. , / ! ? $ + - =) and practice typing those symbols
  • Begin to use Dance Mat Typing to practice location of letters on the keyboard without proper hand placement on the home row keys

Common Sense Media Curriculum

  • Learn to be a good digital citizen – Screen Out the Mean
  • Learn to be safe online – Staying Safe Online
  • Learn about digital footprints – Follow the Digital Trail
  • Learn to share ratings of websites – Sites I Like
  • Learn to locate information on a digital picture dictionary – A-B-C Searching


  • Projects vary from year to year and include work on the interactive whiteboard related to first grade curriculum
  • Create stories with a partner

Critical Thinking

  • Learn how to share ratings of skill/drill websites with students in the classroom
  • Learn to use augmented reality through ColAR app on school iPads
  • Learn to locate information on a web page based on clues utilizing Little Explorer’s Picture Dictionary

Media Literacy Skills

  • Prepare images to display in teacher created iBook

Programming Skills

  • Daisy the Dinosaur app via school iPads

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Math Facts in a Flash program to practice speed and accuracy in solving addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems
  • Participate in Accelerated Math program to focus on skills learned in math class
  • Participate in Accelerated Reading program to focus on reading comprehension