Eighth Grade Concepts and Projects

Concepts and Projects

Word Processing Software Skills

  • Create properly formatted documents based on classroom curriculum
  • Create yearbook pages for publication in print

Spreadsheet Software Skills

  • Prepare various spreadsheets containing formulas with proper formatting
  • Prepare charts from spreadsheet data
  • Analyze the effects of changes made to a spreadsheet

Presentation Software Skills

  • Create Time Travel Agency and curriculum-based presentations using Google Presentations (shared) or Prezi

Drawing Software Skills

  • Learn to work with transparency in drawings
  • Learn the difference between XCF, JPG, GIF, and PNG files
  • Learn to create image collages

Keyboard Skills

  • Practice keyboard skills using a word processor
  • Learn to use touch-typing through the Typing Web site


Critical Thinking

  • Analyze website links to choose the best information for curricular projects
  • Analyze content to select the best image to represent concepts
  • Analyze steps required to complete a computer program
  • Analyze social studies curricular knowledge to create in Minecraft

Media Literacy/MultiMedia Software Skills

Programming Skills

  • Blockly via code.org
  • Create a simple web pages with links using HTML
  • Student choice: Use Gamemaker to create a project
  • Student choice: Use Scratch to create a project

Skill Assessment Tools

  • Participate in the Accelerated Reading program to practice reading comprehension skills
  • Participate in the Accelerated Math program to practice math problem solving skills

Common Sense Curriculum

  • Understand your digital footprint – Trillion Dollar Footprint
  • Understand how easy it is to publish online – Identifying High-Quality Sites
  • Learn to distinguish between digital drama and stereotypes of men and women on reality tv – The Reality of Digital Drama
  • Learn to distinguish good natured teasing from cyberbullying – Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line
  • Expand knowledge of fair use and Creative Commons – Rework, Reuse, Remix

Internet Skills

  • Utilize a variety of search engines to search for information related to classroom curriculum projects
  • Utilize JerseyClicks to access the “deep web” resources through a public library card
  • Utilize Google Image Search to select an image for school work
  • Utilize online tools to create citations for all sources
  • Evaluate the content, authority, bias, usability of electronic information
  • Use Edmodo to turn in classwork and communicate with teacher and classmates
  • Use Diigo to bookmark web pages for use at home and school
  • Use Wolfram Alpha to search a computational knowledge database
  • Use Google Docs to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for use at home and school
  • Use Prezi to create zooming presentations