2009-2010 Electronic Newsletter for Sixth Grade

The sixth grade students have been working on a variety of projects this year. I would like to share our work with you. As we work on the Internet, I have taught the students to find the links through a website called delicious. If you or your children would like to access these sites, you will need to click on the word All Tags on the right side of the screen and select sixth. Your student can demonstrate this process to you.

Saint Michael Delicious account

As the year progresses, I work on many different projects with the sixth grade students. You may click here or click on the word sixth on the left side of the screen to see my plan for the year.

We have used a variety of software this year. We see each other twice per week this year.

We explored Gimp. It is a free, open source painting and photo editing tool. It is available for the Mac, Windows, and Linux. The students drew an image to represent themselves as an avatar in the work we complete this year. They used the program to resize images from a web site called Pics4Learning to complement a creative commons licensed version of America the Video.

The students used iMovie to combine their images with the song to create music videos with citations for the song and images. You can click here to view all the student's work. This is a sample video.

The students had an opportunity to continue building their skills in PowerPoint with a presentation called "Dinner with Guests". They chose a restaurant, menu, and four famous people. The guests could be living or deceased, real or fictional. The students practiced finding images, proportionally resizing the images, and writing notes. The notes included descriptions of the restaurant and foods. They had to explain who the famous person is, when they first heard of the guest, and why they were invited. There was great variety in the presentations. When we return from break, the students will watch videos of themselves. They will be evaluating themselves on their presentation style.

The sixth grade spent a lot of time learning how to search smarter on the Internet. We learned how to use quotes around search terms and how search engines like Google and Altavista provide results by looking for those words in the title and body of web pages. We learned to remove parts of a web address (URL) to find the source of the web page. The students compared web pages and discussed why certain pages would be more appropriate than others for a sixth grade student.

The students in fourth though eighth grade enjoyed listening to the authors of the 39 Clues book series through a webinar presented by Scholastic. The students learned about different methods to analyze clues in the books in a variety of settings including math, geography, and reading. Here are a few photos from the event.

There is a link saved to send your name to Mars on a computer chip. We did not do this in class. You may use the link with your child if it is of interest to you. My whole family is sending our names to Mars on the 2011 mission. As a parent, you may be interested in creating your own Delicious account. You can save bookmarks and open them on any computer.